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The studio project objective primarily dealt with changing the experience of a product that is currently in the market. The Power Gate aims to improve the workflow of free weight training through the use of electromagnetism and user interface technology. Some of the problems that were approached were:

-Process of changing weights on a bar
-Removing restrictions of machine weight training
-Logging of workout routines

weight sketch.png
processweb power gat.png
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Copy of Power Gate Presentation-5.png

This concept utilizes electromagnetism to simulate and increase or decrease in weight while maintaining the same mass.

barbell flat view.png

Workout Bar - Magnetic barbell with UI

Copy of Power Gate Presentation-11.png

The interactive barbell allows the user to adjust the amount of magnetic force applied while working out as well as allow the user to customize their workout routine.


Voice command is considered as an option during workout, as trying to do anything else aside from lifting something heavy is never fun and is a potential hazard.

Copy of Power Gate Presentation-9.png

This machine concept primarily focuses on core weight training exercise such as bench press and squat press. The design of the platform and barriers permit a variety of other exercises that can be performed. 

A challenge this design would face is limiting the electromagnetic barrier from directly affecting the user and/or surrounding objects, as well as the cost effectiveness and control of using such high powered magnets to simulate hundreds of pounds of weight. See you in the year 2070 for more details...


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