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Hello there. My name is Aziz, an African American Muslim artist with a desire to illustrate and create.

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My Story

I actually don't remember when I started drawing, as it has been something I have kept up with virtually my entire life. Like many, I developed an interest in comics, cartoons, and anime while growing up, and the most common way I would express my interest for these types of media was through drawing my favorite characters. Islam, however, is also a huge part of my life. Practicing the religion has played a key role in forging the person I am now, and I have no clue as to where I would be if its influence didn't reach me.

One thing you learn rather quickly as a Muslim is there are limits to what you're allowed to do throughout all aspects of life. These rules are designed to keep us on the path of the believer, preventing us from falling into traps we encounter everyday. Even illustration, something I'm passionate about,  has a set of limits for myself as a Muslim.

I try to balance my passion for art with my faith in Islam, as I feel at this point in my life, it would be one of the few ways I can be my true self and not fall into misery. Balancing these two has also given me a distinguishable style in my artwork, and it's encouraging to know I'm bringing something to the world others find interest in. Perhaps if I'm lucky, I can inspire those who share a similar story. 

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